WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 4/27/13

Hey everyone, Diva Jill here for another exciting episode of Saturday Morning Slam. Well, they jump right into the action this week and so shall I, here we go.

Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendes vs The Great Khali, Hornswaggle, and Natalya

It seems that my worries of this match being cancelled after Rosa got sent home from Europe for being drunk off her ass were unfounded, but I’m hoping I get to see her plastered on a kid’s show. Wade Barrett is on commentary, and Team Puerto Rico is out first followed by Team WTF.

The match starts off with Rosa and Natalya, Rosa taking control with some basic, though effective moves. Wade Barrett, though nowhere near as good as Dolph Ziggler on the mic, is doing a pretty good job on commentary, playing up Khali’s strength instead of his absolutely ruined knees. Wade does however rip into Rosa for not being very good, and is completely right. Rosa doesn’t look like she has any business actually wrestling. Everything she does is so slow and stilted, not even Natalya can make her look good as she has to slow down to Rosa’s pace. Rosa is able to squirm out of a Sharpshooter attempt to tag in Primo who demands Hornswaggle.

Primo gets down on his knees as Natalya gives him his wish instead of tagging in Khali. Primo turns his back to Hornswaggle to give him a free shot and Hornswaggle instead tags in Khali. Primo turns around and I think he needs to change his pants now. Primo and Epico, over the commercial break, are able to get the advantage over Khali. Primo and Epico miss with a couple of high risk moves and Hornswaggle and Natalya neutralize Rosa on the outside to allow Khali to get up and start using his power against his two assailants. Primo soon eats a Punjabi Plunge and this match is mercifully over.

Khali, Hornswaggle, and Natalya def Primo, Epico, and Rosa via Pinfall

Backstage Rhodes Scholars are attempting to get people to sign a petition to remove Mick Foley from the Hall of Fame with zero success. They are eventually confronted by The Usos and I smell a match brewing. Indeed, Foley soon arrives on the scene and makes the match as our Main Event, first however The Usos get the Saturday Morning Spotlight. Good for them.

The Usos vs Team Rhodes Scholars

The intellectual saviors are out first, followed by their Samoan adversaries. Wade Barrett is still on commentary. Sandow takes control early against one of the Jay with a waistlock. Jay is able to get out and turn things around. Both teams make the tag and we now have Cody Rhodes vs Jimmy Uso. Things go back and forth until Cody takes a hard spill over the top rope to the floor to lead into a commercial break. Coming back, we once again have Damien vs Jay, but within seconds Cody is tagged back in. After being whipped into the corner, Rhodes leaps over Jay Uso but looks like he comes down wrong and clutches at his ankle causing the ref to check on him while Sandow takes out Jay. Cody miraculously gets better to praise from Barrett and Sandow for his regenerative abilities,.

Grabbing Jay, Cody drags him to the corner where Sandow is waiting and makes a tag. They wishbone Jay Uso and Sandow continues to pummel him greatly. Rhodes Scholars make quick tags, keeping Jay in their corner to beat on him. Damien misses a knee drop and is able to get in Cody, but Jay makes the hot tag to Jimmy who beats Cody from pillar to post before going for a pin. He only gets a two count though, he then misses a splash that surely would have won the match allowing Cody to get Sandow back into the match. Sandow walks in and goes to pick up Jimmy who rolls him up for a quick win.

The Usos def Team Rhodes Scholars via Pinfall

Another episode done and we got at least one solid match from it, and I don’t mean the opener. Wade was good on commentary and The Usos vs Rhodes Scholars was a great match, I would love to see these two teams fight more often, possibly with gold at stake. This time they give us no clue as to what to expect next week, so until then, I’m Diva Jill reminding you that Big E Langston really needs to get a title belt to hide the fact that he doesn’t wear a cup.

Quick Results

  • Khali, Hornswaggle, and Natalya def Primo, Epico, and Rosa via Pinfall
  • The Usos def Team Rhodes Scholars via Pinfall