Total Divas Recap 05/25/2014

Tonight’s episode revolves around the wedding plans of Brie and Daniel, Nikki’s secret and  Wrestlemania.  It was a good episode with some very much enjoyed humor from Daniel (Wedding Expenses) and Nattie (Summer Rae).


Brie Bella, (Bridezilla ?) & Daniel Bryan

Everyone thinks Brie is in Bridezilla mode, I personally think she is just acting like any bride.

Brie and Daniel discuss their wedding planning, potential locations and trimming Daniel’s beard for the wedding.  Daniel reluctantly agrees but seeing his stress Brie decides to hold off and jokes that she’ll do it while he sleeps.  Josie happily licks Bryan, in my mind Josie looked like she was cleaning his nose for him.  For now the beard stays!

Brie is at her final dress fitting with her mom and Nikki and reminds Nikki that she needs to tell John her secret because she doesn’t want any drama at her wedding.

Nikki gets a call from the WWE, about a big shoot they’re doing for WrestleMania that was moved to Wednesday. Brie angrily informs Nikki that she can’t go that day because she’s already scheduled to view wedding locations.  The twins get into an argument about work commitments versus wedding planning and Brie openly states her feelings on the matter.  I’m with Brie her wedding is more important than a photo shoot.  Nikki abruptly leaves after Brie gets on her case about being selfish.

Brie already has several problems with the wedding locations including the fact that one of the places doesn’t have any bathrooms.

Brie and Daniel drive to Sedona to check out the wedding locations.  On the trip Brie mentions that she is struggling about inviting Summer Rae to the wedding.   Daniel in typical guy wisdom says that she needs to focus on what will make her happy, not everyone else.  Smart Daniel, very smart.

Daniel is shocked that their hotel room costs over $700 per night! Brie insists that it’s all for the wedding, no need for concern.

Brie and Bryan are looking at a resort that has a nice spot where they can exchange their wedding vows!  Then they visit a ranch, which is very outdoorsy, a perfect fit for the couple!

As Brie starts going over the extensive plans she has for their wedding Daniel tells her that she’s being unreasonable saying; “ I didn’t expect the wedding to cost as much as a house.”  Honestly, Daniel Bryan cracks me up, his wit and humor are fantastic.

While driving back, Bryan suggests that they forget about having a big wedding and get married in the woods by themselves instead.  What a good idea but no matter how much Brie loves you that just isn’t going to happen.

Nikki Bella & John Cena (Secrets) 

Nikki decides it’s time to come clean and tell John about her previous marriage.  She pulls him aside at work, but as he talks about how busy he is, she chickens out and decides to do it sometime when they aren’t at work.

At home Nikki decides that she’s ready to reveal her secret to John but freezes and gives him another story.  She decides to wait until after WrestleMania.

Nikki and Brie meet up with their mom and brother JJ for coffee. Nikki is nervous because the last time she saw her brother he was angry about her secret marriage.  Nikki apologizes to her brother and then they make a pact that they will never keep secrets from each other again.  When JJ asks Nikki how John handled the truth, she remains quiet. Everyone assumes she’s told him.  This can only get worse Nikki –just saying.


All of the Divas are hyped for WrestleMania; it’s the biggest WWE event of the year, who can blame them.  Being a part of WrestleMania is a huge step for a Diva.  Both Nikki and Trinity are super excited about it and both want the Championship!  Trinity gets a warm welcome back but there just might be war between her and Nikki for the Championship. 

It’s the last day of rehearsals for a fitness DVD that Trinity and some of the other Divas are filming, she has the opportunity for a quick chat with Stephanie McMahon. Trinity thanks Stephanie for the opportunity and tells her that she is ready to pursue the Divas Championship… look out Nikki!

Nikki and Brie are getting their makeup done for the WrestleMania promo shoot and they are still kind of awkward since their last argument.  Brie still manages to put on a smile and joins the other Superstars and Divas for the WrestleMania shoot!  The Divas then head to New York where they will be doing press stuff for WrestleMania prior to the big event.

All of the Divas, including Eva Marie and Ariane, will be competing in the Divas Championship match against the current Divas Champion, AJ Lee.

Leading up to WrestleMania, Eva Marie tells Nattie she’s super nervous because this is her very first WrestleMania where millions of people around the world will be watching.  Nattie being a bit of a Job’s comforter entirely agrees with her and tells her she should be nervous.  Poor Eva Marie starts wondering if she belongs at WWE.  Come on Eva Marie you know you do.  You were born for this!

Summer Rae (Ms. Dysfunctional) 

While at the gym, Nikki tells Nattie that Brie isn’t sure whether or not she should invite Summer Rae to her wedding.  Nikki says over her dead body will Summer Rae be there. 

In a meeting with the WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations, the Divas find out that Summer Rae will be the first Diva to be featured in a movie. She’s going to be in The Marine 4!  Nattie is so hilariously sarcastic in this scene saying “You deserve that movie so much for being such a lovely girl!”

Brie explains to Summer Rae that she stopped trusting her after the incident with her talking to Bryan about personal stuff and the fact that Summer Rae bad talks all the other Divas.

Summer Rae starts to cry saying she’s insecure and it’s a defense mechanism.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this girl is her own worst enemy.  She has to get real with the other Divas and quick if she plans on them ever accepting her.


So next week is the season finale of Total Divas, I miss it already.