Total Divas Recap 05/04/2014

Tonight’s episode mostly revolved around  Brie not enjoying wedding preparations because Nikki is Maid of Honorzilla, Summer Rae’s hitting on Fandango & Trinity goes behind Jon’s back and gets a procedure done to insure no unexpected pregnancies.  Not a bad episode but you will hear one complaint at the end of the article. . .

Brie and Nikki Sisters at odds

We begin with Brie & Bryan. Brie is looking through bridal magazines.  Brie wants to have that perfect wedding kiss decided so people will say, “Oh they are so in love!” Bryan shows her a few ridiculous options for their wedding day kiss.  I have to say I love this couple!  And something I wouldn’t have expected or known had it not been for Total Divas is Daniel is hilarious, I love his sense of humor.

The twins are at the gym working out with their men, Nikki is trying to do a little CrossFit  and get away from Brie’s wedding talk eventually  snapping and tells Brie that the gym is no place for wedding talk. Brie later talks to Bryan about how Nikki seems to be destroying this special time for her.

Brie goes to try on wedding gowns. Her Mom is there but Nikki surprise, surprise is unfashionably late, understandably Brie  is bummed that her twin is not there yet.  Second dress in she finds the one she knows is the dress for her. Nikki finally shows up. While she claims she is okay with it all she is still extremely rude.  On to shopping for a dress for Maid of Honorzilla, I thought it was supposed to be Bridezilla but not in this case.  Brie does not like what Nikki is picking, showing major cleavage, but Brie doesn’t want that look for her wedding.  Nikki thinks Brie is trying purposefully to make her look frumpy, really is that even possible?  Brie reminds her, “my day.” to which Nikki responds, “your day,” her typical Maid of Honorzilla mode.

Brie comes over to Nikki’s to work on the invitations as a bonding project of sorts for the sisters. Nikki not feeling like bonding over wedding crafts questions why Brie didn’t just pay someone to do the work, rolling her eyes, Maid of Honorzilla is obviously really jealous. Brie is really upset and basically storms out saying Nikki doesn’t need to be her maid of honor any longer.  Brie and her mom are talking and her mom sheds some light on why Nikki may be acting this way. Brie realizes that in her effort to include Nikki, Nikki may think she is rubbing it in her face because it is something she wants but may never get.

Brie finds Nikki at work and asks to have a private conversation. She is trying to be nice and Nikki is still rolling her eyes , they each share their side and what they are feeling, and end up hugging.  I don’t know Nikki’s Green Eyed Monster seems to get the best to her.  I’m hoping that Maid of Honorzilla doesn’t put a damper on Brie’s big day.

Summer Rae and Fandango  Dating…

Summer Rae comes to Eva Marie’s hotel room totally bummed because another of her exs has gotten engaged reminding her that she is single. Summer Rae is officially on the prowl.  Nattie, Eva Marie, Summer Rae, Brie and Ariane are out to eat and Summer Rae shares the new information she got about her ex. The girls start suggesting she start something up with her hot partner Fandango. She doesn’t seem too receptive. Then later when she sees him in the ring, she starts to think why not, he isn’t bad. She starts flirting with him and suggests they meet up for dinner sometime. He doesn’t seem  too receptive but makes a date.

The date with Summer Rae and Fandango happens.  Summer Rae is flirting big time on the way, but her charms don’t seem to be working. Fandango was impressed with Summer Rae’s shot taking ability. They talk about their night and head back to his place and he invites her to spend the night. Everything was going great, Summer Rae was so happy with the direction things were going, but after they kiss she realizes that they have no chemistry. She stops and tells him that she is happy with what they have as friends and doesn’t want to mess that up and tells him goodnight. Later at practice, she decides not to tell the ladies about her night with Fandango.

They later talked it over at work. Fandango basically saying, “So I’m just a piece of meat.”  Bottom line Fandango appeared genuinely hurt over the situation.

Trinity and Jon: Babies on hold 

Trinity tells Jon that he keeps forgetting to tell her to take her birth control pills and he wonders why that is his job. She says she wants time alone before kids, and that they are at the height of their careers so she would rather wait till later for kids.  Jon already has two kids of his own and would love to have more with Trinity.

Trinity, Ariane, and Eva Marie are in the car and the girls are teasing Trinity about getting pregnant. They start discussing birth control options and Eva Marie shares that currently she is using nothing. Trinity shares what she’s learned about implanted birth control that she would really like to get because she can’t risk pregnancy right now.

Trinity and her mom go to the OB/GYN but she keeps Jon totally out of the loop. She pretty much decided she wants the implant, and is ready to get it, ignoring Jon’s text messages while she is there, not wanting him to know where she is.

At practice Trinity shares she got the implant and Jon still doesn’t know. Jon shows up and Trinity tells him, trying to explain her reasoning but Jon thinks it was shady that she did this behind his back. He is really upset and walks off.

Jon eventually shares his feelings with Trinity about how upset he is with her for not sharing her plans with him before doing something like that. Again, she tries to defend her right to govern her own body. He is unfazed by her efforts to make peace. He finally says they should have done this as a couple. Trinity gets it and apologizes and assures Jon from now on they will makes decisions as a team. They hug and make up. . . . It’s just three years maybe then we’ll get to see an Uso baby.

So that’s a wrap.  My biggest frustration about this episode was that it was on during a WWE Pay-Per-View Extreme Rules which  makes it hard to watch one or the other happily.