Total Divas Recap 04/27/2014

The show opens with Divas trying to get seamstress Sandra Gray to join in with them in a  little twerking.  I really enjoy getting to know Sandra’s personality, she is amazing.

Tonight we see  Nikki and Brie grocery shopping.  They are not dressed for the grocery store.  They look like they stepped out of the ring and tossed on a jacket and sundress and went off to the grocery store, heads most definitely would be turning.  As we know Nikki doesn’t always share her sister’s food convictions.  Tonight we find Brie attempting to prevent Nikki from buying factory chicken.  The following day when they are doing a music video during break Brie shows Nikki factory footage of abused animals.  The footage truly is disturbing and brings Nikki to tears.  Brie brings Nikki to a free range farm and makes Nikki once again feeling good about meat.  I like Brie she seems very conscientious about things many think unimportant.  The fact her sister calls her a Hippie makes her just that more endearing.   Not only does Nikki  get education about the food she eats, we the fans get a little education ourselves.  If you can, buy Free Range.

Nattie is in New York at a signing after her article in Flex Magazine.  Still somewhat newlyweds Nattie and TJ are struggle with the married kinks.  Nattie recently bought her parents a car and told TJ after the fact.  It would appear that TJ decided that he was going to return the favor and invite his sister along for the New York trip without Nattie’s knowledge along with treating her to a spa day, adjoining rooms and a bouncy castle investment.  Of course none of this flied with Nattie but in the end the two admitted their mutual guilt in the present conflict.

@KiddWWE invites his sister along on the New York trip with @NatbyNature! What were you thinking man! #TotalDivas

— Michelle C-C (@MichelleCarmich) April 28, 2014

On the home front Ariane starts off her house sitting by snooping through Nattie’s things, seriously snooping is not cool.  Then her and Vinnie throw a huge party at house and inadvertently  loses Louie the cat.  Nattie’s Neighbor comes over to investigate and promptly calls Nattie on them.  Ariane is perhaps the worst house/cat sitter ever!  Their segment closes with a crowd going wild in her co-workers home. I’m thinking heads will roll next episode.

I enjoyed this episode, seeing how Nattie and TJ always manage to work out their differences a nice glimpse into their steadfast love.  I also think we were all made a little wiser with the Factor vs Free Range Meat.  We also may of been reminded to get our parents not our friends or coworkers to house sit.  Till next week be The Total Diva in Your Universe!