Total Divas Recap 04/13/14

We were left hanging on everything last episode so tonight delivers in the drama.

As we seen last episode Nattie’s feud with Summer Rae escalated ending with Nattie getting hit in the face by Summer Rae.  Now Nattie is facing evasive surgery for a nasal injury with a six month recovery time.  Summer Rae attacks Nattie again, in ring this time kicking her in the nose.  Nattie chooses to wait on surgery to go be part of TLC, wanting her chance in the spotlight.  AJ Lee retains but Nattie put up a good fight!  Way to go Nattie, now go do something about that nose.

Last episode we seen Nikki and John reunited however we’re all left wondering if she should stay with John and give up her dream for his somewhat self-centered lifestyle? Nikki is now a real-estate agent passing her exam and wanting to get her first sell to buy John a gift.  We get to see her trying to sell her first place it’s kind of cool to see her focused something other than John.  Quickly we see Nikki questioning whether John is being completely honest and she thinks he might just be cheating.   By all appearances the man is distracted and it is driving Nikki crazy.  I assumed he decided to buy the house Nikki was selling (she had told him she loved it) and he did buy it predictable for us at home but not so predictable for Nikki.  John did well with the mistrust and all was good at the end of the episode for John, Nikki and their new home.

Trinity makes a music video.  Trinity was having a Murphy’s Law moment during this video, what can go wrong will go wrong, sequencing unfinished for her jumpsuit, jumpsuit ripping, hair extensions falling out, police stopping by to see a  permit but in the end the music video was awesome.  It was a hit with all her coworkers at WWE.

So that was another episode of Total Divas.  It was a feel good episode all is well in the wonderful world of WWE Divas.