Main Event Results 03/20/2013

This week’s Main Event starts right off with a match. R-Truth and Wade Barrett both make their way to the ring as commentary begins. What we learn: Miz has 1 million followers on Twitter and he’s upset that he lost the IC match on Raw.

Wade Barrett d. R-Truth via pinfall.

After the match, Barrett gets on the mic and berates Miz. He even gets into Miz’s face to insult him for losing on Raw. Miz clocks him and sends him into the ring. Miz follows in, but before they can continue their fight, Barrett rolls out and walks up the ramp.

Reaction: A pretty decent 10 minute match by Barrett and Truth. It’s helping rebuild Barrett as we head into Wrestlemania. He’s lost so many since January, that he needs a few solid wins over the next 2 weeks. To me, it looks like we’ll see Miz vs. Barrett at Wrestlemania, and that’s not a bad thing. It should be a good match.

On commentary, they build up Wrestlemania, and the Brock vs. HHH match. Then they talk about the possibility that Big Show will join in on the fight against The Shield. Backstage, Striker interviews Sheamus about the entire situation, and Sheamus said that they are considering Big Show, but that he can’t be trusted.

Natalya/Layla d. Alicia/Aksana via submission.

Reaction: I like how Alicia Fox and Natalya continue to play the fence. One week they’re friendly with the faces. The next week, they’re teaming with the heels. Natalya won with the Sharpshooter which is nice to see, but what does it really mean moving forward? Anything? Probably not.

Usos d. PTP via pinfall.

Reaction: I’m pretty surprised that Usos keep winning and Primetime Players keep losing. Usos have won two weeks in a row on Main Event, despite everyone suggesting Jimmy would get the pink slip after his DUI. Hopefully they get them back onto Smackdown or Raw to pursue the Tag Titles. Both teams deserve to get a better spotlight than Main Event.

Brief Match Results

  • Wade Barrett d. R-Truth via pinfall.
  • Natalya/Layla d. Alicia/Aksana via submission.
  • Usos d. PTP via pinfall.