Welcome to episode 52 of the TALK TNA PODCAST!! We are officially one year old! It’s been a great year for our show and when we started it, we really didn’t know what to expect or how long we would be doing it for. And now, 12 months later we are still doing our show week after week because of everyone that downloads and listens to the show.

We have grown our audience steadily over the year, in part thanks to some great support from Fans Talk Wrestling and TNAsylum. Both those sites do great work and are well worth checking out.

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We try to keep our podcast entertaining and light, but also taking a mature, critical look at everything to with TNA. We have a lot of fun recording the show and broadcasting it live at – so make sure you come and join the awesome people that already tune in each Monday (usually) at 4PM EST, 9PM UK.

So, thank you once again to everyone who supports our show. We couldn’t do it without you and make sure you spread the word about the show and let people know that we are the best TNA podcast in the business!!

On this week’s show, we recap Impact, which again felt pretty rushed and chaotic. Taping so many shows over such a short period of time has really hurt them and some of these shows have felt pretty similar. But it’s not all bad – there were some good things on the show and we go over everything that happened; segment by segment.

We also discuss TNA’s creative direction and whether they need to look at getting rid of those in charge and bringing in some new faces.

Slammiversary is just around the corner and we start to look at the matches that have already been announced for the show and discuss whether we think this will be a great PPV or not.

All that and lots lots more, including touching on TNA’s house shows and whether they possibly need to reconsider and restructure that side of their business.

As always, please feel free to contact us here and ask us anything or give us some feedback. We love to hear from you.

You guys rule!!