TNA One Night Only: World Cup Results

Here are full results from December 2013’s TNA One Night Only: World Cup.

-Jeremy Borash introduced us to the show. He ran over the rules of the World Cup. There will be a series of matches for points. The final two teams will battle it out in a 5-on-5 Elimination Match. Borash then introduced the four teams (with members representing each division), who came to the ring.

Team UK: Magnus, Rob Terry, Douglas Williams, Hannah Blosson, Rockstar Spud
Team International: Judas Mesias, Petey Williams, Funaki, Lei’D Tapa, Sonjay Dutt
Team Aces and Eights: Mr. Anderson, DOC, Knux, Wes Brisco (the Knockout wasn’t announced)
Team USA: James Storm, Bad Influence, Mickie James, Kenny King

-Magnus (UK) defeated Mr. Anderson (A&E) to earn a point for Team UK.

-Kenny King (USA) defeated Sonjay Dutt (International) to earn a point for Team USA.

-Lei’ D Tapa (International) defeated Hannah Blossom (UK) to earn a point for Team UK.

In a backstage segment, the Aces and Eights revealed Ivelisse as their Knockout of their team.

-Doc and Knux (A&E) defeated Funaki and Petey Williams (International) to earn a point for the Aces and Eights. Knux used a hammer on Funaki to win the match.

-Wes Brisco (A&E) defeated Rockstar Spud (UK) to earn a point for the Aces and Eights.

-Bad Influence (USA) defeated Rob Terry and Douglas Williams (UK) to earn a point for Team USA. At this point, Team UK was eliminated from the competition as they didn’t have enough points.

-Ivelisse (A&E) defeated Mickie James (USA) to earn a point for Team Aces and Eights and cement their spot in the finals. Ivelisse pinned James after interference from Mr. Anderson and Wes Brisco.

-James Storm (USA) defeated Judas Mesias (International) to earn a point for Team USA. Team USA and Team Aces and Eights have three points apiece and will face off in the finals.

-Team USA defeated Team Aces and Eights in an Elimination Match to win the World Cup. Order of Elimination: Wes Brisco pinned Kenny King. Mickie James then pinned Ivelisse. Wes Brisco pinned Mickie James. James Storm pinned Wes Brisco. Daniels pinned Knux. Bad Influence abandoned James Storm when Storm accidentally hit Daniels. Storm pinned Anderson. Storm pinned DOC to win the match.

After the match, Bad Influence came out to celebrate with James Storm but the Cowboy laid both men out. Jeremy Borash then presented Storm and Mickie James with the TNA World Cup Trophy.

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