Live Blog: TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/4/2013

Hour One

Tonight’s live blog for TNA Impact Wrestling begins at 8pm ET. If you can’t watch it live, keep it locked here for updates every few minutes. Even while on your phone.

The second week in Arkansas kicks off with Mr. Anderson, D’Lo, and Devon making their way out to the ring with the rest of the club at their back. Anderson has a package for AJ Styles, saying that TNA didn’t have his back, but the Aces and Eights will, and there’s a kutte with his name on it. Devon is next and he has documentation pertaining to the president’s wife. Finally, D’Lo demands silence as he names his gift, not one he’s giving but rather that he’s received: his notice of termination from TNA. D’Lo demands that someone come tell him to his face why he was fired, and Kurt Angle comes out. He has something to say face-to-face, and it’s how he really feels, then he tackles D’Lo. As the Aces and Eights attack Angle, the rest of Team TNA runs out to turn the tide, chasing the club out of the ring as Angle and company stand tall in the ring.

Reaction: Decent setup for our main event tonight: a ten-man tag team match. Honestly, though, that might be the least important takeaway from this segment. The offer for AJ to join up is still on the table, Bully Ray has something for his wife, and we know that D’Lo has been fired from his management position.

Backstage: Brooke Hogan is met by Joey Ryan; he knows she has a need, and since she fired her Knockouts referee, he’s volunteering to fill the position. Brooke reluctantly agrees, and Ryan assures her that she won’t be disappointed.

Video: TNA Insta-Fact: A thank-you to Germany for making TNA the most watched wrestling program in the country.

Tara (w/ Jesse) & Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell & Velvet Sky (Joey Ryan as special referee)

Tara kicks things off by attacking Velvet, but Velvet comes back with a couple clotheslines and a headlock. Joey sleazes it up by giving Velvet a back rub, and Gail and Taryn tag in. Gail puts Joey between them, then tags in Tara. Taryn puts Tara in a few pins, but Joey doesn’t count. Velvet tags in and the two execute some tag team action on Tara. Velvet makes a pin attempt, but Joey ogles Velvet rather than making the count. Velvet gives him the evil eye until Gail blindsides her. Gail puts Velvet in a fireman’s carry¬† then drops her and rolls Velvet up, again without a count from the official. Tara tags in and corners Velvet with some offense. Joey pulls Tara away and Jesse takes exception. Velvet makes a quick rollup to no count. Tara gets ready for her standing moonsault but has to shove Joey away before going for it and missing. Taryn and Gail are back in, and Taryn goes on a tear, hitting clotheslines, a back elbow, and a snap suplex. Taryn goes up top and hits a crossbody on Gail before going to town on her. Tara knocks her away, but Velvet dropkicks Tara out of the ring. Gail disposes of Velvet, then begins flirting with Joey until Taryn rolls her up from behind, except that Joey has his back turned to apply some baby oil. He turns around as Gail reverses the pin and he makes a quick count to give Gail Kim the win.

Gail Kim and Tara win via pin reversal

Joey tries to get back on Taryn and Velvet’s good side, and Velvet distracts him while Taryn gets behind him and hits a low blow for some revenge.

Reaction: Joey Ryan brought an interesting dynamic to the match. Honestly, I think it helped distract from the fact that Taryn wasn’t quite as polished as she could be. That’s not a complaint, per se, considering that she hasn’t done a whole lot of wrestling recently beyond a short stint in OVW. Overall, not a bad match, all things considered.

Backstage: Roode and Aries are headed to the ring.

In-ring: Roode and Aries are standing across the ring from Chavo and Hernandez with Jeremy Borash to sign the contract for the title match next week. JB asks if there are any final words, and Aries tells him to shut up, then clarifies that they are not world tag team champions, but a team of world champions. Roode asks Chavo and Hernandez if they’ve ever been world champions, then Chavo interrupts by reminding them that he’s a Guerrerro, and that he’s got Supermex on his side.¬† Aries decides to make things more interesting by adding stipulations for the winners, and each team adds their own. Next week, we will see a Two out of Three Falls match, and if Chavo and Hernandez lose, they will never team up again. Aries and Roode sign the contract, followed by Chavo and Hernandez, and the match is official.

Reaction: TNA really has been paying attention! They know we don’t like the team of Chavo and Hernandez, and I’m sure they’ll have Dirty Heels win and break ’em up.

…I really hope this isn’t just wishful thinking.

Backstage/Video: Adam Pearce is warming up for his Gut Check

Reaction: This is probably the best Gut Check promo we’ve seen yet. I like how Pearce gave it a common theme of cracking the door and breaking in. I’m almost not even concerned with who he’s facing. Pearce alone has me incredibly excited to watch this Gut Check.

Backstage/Video: Magno is making his own preparations for Gut Check

Reaction: Interesting change of pace with Magno speaking almost entirely in Spanish for his promo. I’m just glad that TNA didn’t decide to dub over with English or something stupid like that. Despite what I said earlier, I’m excited to see Magno in action, as well.

Gut Check: Magno vs Adam Pearce

They begin with back and forth wrist locks, and Magno flips out of Pearce’s and arm drags him across the ring. Pearce gets a cover, but Magno escapes. Another lockup, and Pearce cuts off Magno as he attempts a roll-through. Magno charges out of the corner but Pearce throws him with a high-elevation backdrop. Magno escapes a charge by Pearce and counters with a tiltawhirl backbreaker, then a springboard backflip. Magno goes for a springboard crossbody, but Pearce catches him and drills him with a spinebuster. Pearce whips him across the ring, but Magno flips over the ropes, shoulder thrusts from outside, then hits a headscissor takedown. Magno clotheslines Pearce to the outside, then heads up top to hit a moonsault. Magno rolls Pearce inside, but gets stacked up by Pearce who grabs onto the rope for the win.

Adam Pearce wins via shenanigans for a pinfall

Reaction: Very impressive back-and-forth by both competitors. I’m pretty surprised that Pearce won by openly cheating, and I’ll be very interested in seeing how that plays out next week. Pearce would be my choice to advance to the judge’s round, personally, but I’d be happy with either guy advancing.

Backstage: AJ is met by Anderson and the Aces and Eights. They have a kutte just for him, and Anderson tells him to just think about it. The Aces and Eights walk away, and AJ heads off with kutte in hand.

Backstage: Hogan is asked about an update on Sting, and Hogan tells him that Sting’s not here. He says he needs warriors, not politicians, then heads off to find a lawyer to see where Sting stands contract-wise.

Backstage: Joseph Park meets Angle and assures him that he’s ready for a fight. Angle tells Park to follow his lead, and to remember that, even though he might be green, Park can do damage. Park leaves Angle to finish prepping for his match.

In-ring: Hogan makes an entrance to a cheering crowd. Hogan has learned from his mistakes and he’s going to make his decisions based on his gut. There’s one man his gut is telling him to bring to the ring, and that’s AJ Styles. AJ walks out holding the kutte that Anderson gave him and steps in the ring with Hogan. Hogan wants to know if he’s made a mistake with the direction that AJ is headed, then tells AJ that he knows the sort of problems that AJ has been going through. Hogan reminds him that TNA is his family, and prays to God that AJ isn’t headed toward Aces and Eights. Hogan ends by asking AJ if he’ll help by bringing a “dangerous AJ Styles” to fight for TNA. AJ takes the mic but is interrupted by James Storm. Storm remembers the stipulation that locked AJ out of the title picture, and that it was him that did the locking out. Even so, that’s part of the game, according to the Cowboy. What bothers him, though, is that AJ left Storm to die in the ring with Aces and Eights, despite everything that they’ve been through together. Storm and AJ went all over the world to build TNA, and now Storm demands to know if AJ is turning his back on everyone by turning to the Aces and Eights. AJ drops the mic and walks away looking at the kutte as Hogan demands an explanation from Storm.

Reaction: I’m just as interested in learning which way AJ will lean as anyone, but I’m ready for something to happen, already.

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