Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog, and Chat for 12/19/2013: Final Resolution

Here are full results and reactions to this week’s (December 19th, 2013) edition of TNA Impact Wrestling. If you are watching live, join the discussion in the live chat starting at 9pm ET.


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Brief Results


  • Magnus accuses Jeff Hardy of selling out at his dinner with Dixie Carter, and Hardy tells him to worry about his own life
  • Bobby Roode takes first fall with fireman’s carry neckbreaker and pinfall, Kurt Angle takes second fall with Angle Slam and pinfall, and Bobby Roode takes third fall by grabbing the rope after a roll-through pin
  • Tension between Gunner and Storm is at a high as Gunner goes to find out what’s in his case
  • Kurt Angle has never been outsmarted before, but Bobby Roode finally did that. As he goes to be with his family for the holidays, he doesn’t know what to do.
  • Ethan Carter III is about to find out what’s in his case, but Dixie tells him that, if he gets fired, there’s nothing she can do.
  • Eric Young is continuing his experiment with Joseph Park after the “mind grenade” last week, and he’s got presents for his tag partner
  • Eric Young has set up a match for Joseph Park with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a Monster’s Ball match, and has Park unwrap his presents: a chair, tacks, and barbed wire. One final gift: Janice. Joseph Park agrees to the match and carries Janice away.
  • Zema Ion receives an X Division title shot, Gunner receives a world heavyweight title shot, EC3 refuses Sting’s offer to take his briefcase in exchange for a fight, and EC3 receives a tag title shot while Chavo Guerrero is fired
  • Madison Rayne and ODB d. Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa via backslide pin
  • #Impact365: Dixie Carter orders Rockstar Spud to find someone to make a new championship belt
  • Jeff Hardy denies all accusations of selling out, instead revealing that he refused Dixie’s offer of big money; Dixie comes out and offers a final warning: play ball or be out of a job
  • Magnus d. Jeff Hardy and becomes the new world heavyweight champion

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