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Reunion of Evolution

At the beginning of this past Raw, we saw Triple H attempting to bring Orton and Batista back into Evolution, claiming that they were the only three that are a match for The Shield. Both Orton and Batista originally seemed uninterested in reuniting, having their own personal agendas they were working on.

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The Shield Are Doomed To Fail

The Shield burst on the WWE scene late last year, and have since become THE topic of conversation among wrestling fans everywhere.  Even if you don’t mark out for them, it’s impossible not to be intrigued by their unconventional entrance, stellar mic skills, amazing in-ring versatility, and their “pack-of-dogs” style.  Everyone is brimming with excitement…

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WWE’s Next Golden Age Is Upon Us Now

In an earlier post, I discussed how Bully Ray is the answer for TNA, arguing that a highly-developed, highly-relatable heel character was the premiere catalyst for change and growth in the wrestling industry.  When you look back at the Attitude Era, think about how significantly the industry’s landscape changed with only a handful of game-changing…

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