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There Can Be Only One: An Open Letter to Dixie Carter

Dear Dixie, First off, let me state that I’m not one of those fans that chooses to come on the Internet to bash and complain about everything TNA has or has not done. I’m not one of those trolls that took to Twitter during that whole #AskDixie fiasco. I am, however, a die-hard TNA fan,…

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When Will We See TNA vs. WWE?

Recently, TNA President Dixie Carter sat down with Sky Net Radio to discuss, among other things, TNA’s growth and potential.  Out of that interview, Garvin posed to me the following question: How soon can TNA actively compete with WWE?  I think the answer to the question lies not in a time frame, but the satisfaction…

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TNA, I Got Your Back

If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll know I’ve got a lot of problems with TNA.  However, I’ve also said that I’m pulling for TNA, and I refuse to give up on them.  Furthermore, I believe you shouldn’t, either.  Here are three BEST reasons: 1. TNA has a great roster.  Even though I CANNOT STAND the fact…

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