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WWE’s Beck-tacular Disaster

Wow, this has gotten stupid faster than Daniel Bryan lost the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 28.  Welcome to an epic fail of epic proportions; this angle is worse than Mae Young giving birth to a hand.  A white hand.  Which was supposedly the love child of Mark Henry, who is the most non-white man…

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De-Swaggering the WWE

In my last post, I explained why WWE has to get rid of Jack Swagger.  But if they do…then what do they do?  Here are few suggestions for the WWE Creative team that I’ll offer up for free, just ’cause I’m that kind of guy. First, you must pull Swagger from all live events immediately.  After…

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Hit The Road, Jack?

WWE is always looking for mainstream press leading up to Wrestlemania, and boy, they’ve got it now.  For the last few days, WWE has been getting press about Jack Swagger and his manager (or whatever his title is) Zeb Colter in a very anti-immigration, anti-ethnic storyline building up to a title shot against Latino face…

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