WWE SUPERSTORE Fans and their Swag

We all know that WWE merchandise sales are huge. As I look online, the sheer variety astounds me. T-shirts are the most popular, of course, but it doesn’t stop there: we have sweatshirts, accessories, DVDs, posters, magazines, collectibles, title belts, toys, games , party favors, winter gear, fitness gear, home, school, and office stuff ETC, ETC, ETC!

John Cena remains the star in overall product sales, even though many a wrestling fan gripes about Cena. The fact remains that he is loved by his fans and they buy his stuff. Recently departed CM Punk follows close behind Cena in sales, and Daniel Bryan is one of the top 5 for merchandising also.

Surprisingly, to me, Sin Cara is said to have significant sales both at live events and online. I will admit I’m an “all things WWE-related” junkie, so I have watched the recent Scooby-Doo Wrestle Mania Mystery Movie, where Sin Cara and John Cena pair up as a tag team. We’ve alos recently seen Sin Cara come to the ring with Scooby-Doo, while the crowd chants Scooby-Doo. In this match, we saw Sin Cara land his finisher off the top rope, getting a quick pin on Sandow to win the match.

Do you think maybe Sin Cara’s significant sales have warranted a little push from WWE?

Now here’s my experience/pout: less than a month ago, I bought a Brock Lesnar T-shirt from WWE.com for 24.99. I was pretty proud of myself and my new T until last week when it became old. Last week we saw a new Lesnar T – Eat, Sleep, End the Streak. WHAT? I want that one and it has the cool Heyman Beast line on the back. So my new T has now become not so special, and it makes me really want the new one.


So what do you think? Can merchandise sales make or break you as a wrestler? And if you like your wrestling swag, do you get frustrated that it becomes out-dated sometimes almost overnight?