WWE NXT Results 04/10/14

I have recently started watching NXT. It really has only been a handful of times, so I’m no expert on the show as of yet. At an hour long, it really is a quick little weekly peek into the newbies of the WWE. Sometimes, it’s a peek into some-not-so newbies we haven’t seen on the main roster in a while, as well.

Let’s start with Adam Rose; he debuted on NXT a few weeks ago and we’ve already seen him on Raw. This thirty-four year old has been with the company since 2010.  He opened last night’s NXT, making an impression as a rolling party accompanied him to the ring. Fully committed to the role, he makes a crowd dive followed by defeating Danny Burch in about thirty minutes. Let’s hope that the company can find a place for this guy; my instinct says he may be another Fandango.

Next up was Bayley vs Sasha Banks. Bayley slips out of a submission hold and winds up hitting a Belly-To-Bayley for the pin. (On a side note Sasha Banks is a pretty good heel, and was one of the blondes accompanying Triple H to the ring at WrestleMania).


Commentary moment: “This guy is making me want to take Motrin right now!”   (“This guy” = Mojo Rawley)

Next match up was Sylvester LeFort vs Mojo Rawley. This match lasted less than a minute, quick and to the point.  Rawley defeats LeFort by squash, done.

If losing in under a minute wasn’t bad enough, enter Brodus Clay, who powerbombs LeFort while the crowd chants “Better than Batista!”

Brodus Clay then calls out NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. Neville comes out and basically bashes Clay saying he had opportunities but the difference is “I’m not gonna waste mine”. Clay declares they’ll clash on his time. Why am I left feeling that Clay’s promo was more of a positive for Neville than Clay?

Let me just say I think Bo Dallas may be my favorite guy at NXT. I don’t know if it’s because of who he is – a twenty-three year old third-generation star who has held every title in developmental, despite only being with the company for five years.  That would be enough to make him a favorite of most, I should think. However, I can’t help thinking that it may have to do with him being the little brother of one of my other favorites, Bray Wyatt. What I don’t like is that Bo recently lost his title to Neville and inadvertently found a whine to replace the title.

JBL found Bo a match up with Justin Gabriel.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Gabriel, when Jojo had a crush on him during season one of Total Divas (They both seemed to disappear after that, though – draw your own conclusions). Gabriel has been used sporadically in the last several months, briefly involved in the storyline between The Authority and Daniel Bryan, but was punished by COO Triple H after aiding Bryan. At Wrestlemania XXX, Gabriel competed in the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX, but was eliminated by Big E and has recently surfaced at NXT. This was probably the lengthiest match of the night, hitting about 10 minutes. All in all, not bad; there were a few botches, but very decent, otherwise. It ended with Bo defeating Justin via Double-Arm DDT for the win.

By genetics alone, we have the potential to see greatness from Bo Dallas. Here’s hoping he will go forward and be developed into someone we can’t get enough of.

While not on NXT last night I would like to still make a few honorable mentions:

  • Paige: Simple Message –She Wants To Fight!  The first ever NXT Women’s Champion and, as of April 7, the Divas Champion! Shocking us all, Paige defeated AJ Lee, and she is now the youngest woman to ever win the butterfly-emblazoned title, as well as the first to capture it in her Raw debut.
  • Emma: She is such a fun character! This goofy dancing twenty-five year old signed her developmental contract in 2011. She is comical but has consistently strong in-ring performances. Her romantic comedy with Santino, while entertaining, may be holding her back. Here’s to more of Emma in the future of WWE.
  • Alexander Rusev and Lana: These two have been on my radar since Rusev made a surprise entry in this year’s Royal Rumble. Rusev is a twenty-eight year old former rower and powerlifter from Bulgaria, and has been signed with the WWE since 2010. We haven’t really seen a lot of what he is capable of beyond his physical feats. Since acquiring Lana (my nomination for the new annoying voice of the WWE) as his “social ambassador”, Rusev doesn’t speak and seems to follow his blonde bombshell manager’s instructions to the letter. I enjoy his finisher, which is a modified Camel Clutch called “The Accolade”. Lana is a former dancer and professional pretty person (mostly modeling in commercials) who signed with the WWE last year. This is the only character she has worked for the promotion as of yet.

So that’s it, my thoughts on NXT. If you don’t watch NXT, give it a try! That’s what I’m doing, and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes in the weeks to come.