Why I get Hype in Wrestling – Darren’s Response Copy

Fellow Fans Talk Writer Michelle recently posted what gets her hype in wrestling. I started a comment and it kind of got out of hand. So now we have this…

What gets me hype in wrestling?

Well for me it comes down to one question: Am I there live or am I at home?


If I’m at home; then what gets me hype is to see guys going all out, working together well and staying safe.


Nothing takes me out of a match like a botch. But if I had to tell you what matches had one moment that got me hyped in the last year. It would be probably be Brotherhood’s match against Rybaxel. When Goldy pulled out his apron plancha that match went form “surprisingly good filler” to “OMG this match is about as good as their first match against the shield”


the second would be D-Bry vs HHH. All because they varied up their movesets. (mostly HHH kudos where it’s due) The moment where D-Bry flipped out of the back suplex (a move i marked out for because back suplexes are cool) I popped. which only served to make me pop more for the busaiku knee.


Outside of matches. I love promos.

I’m a performance poet as some hooligans know. So I love being in front of an audience and speaking. WWE is like the ultimate stage, so when guys like Punk or heyman grab a mic – I’m on the edge of my seat. I love seeing how someone can hold a crowd in the palm of their hand just with a microphone. I love getting deeper insights to the characters. I love the performances that go on when you give a wrestler a mic in the ring.


There’s no greater joy for me than when someone you don’t expect knocks it out the park with a promo, see relevant example:



In summation – at home I love to be surprised an enthralled.


Live however. It’s all about that atmosphere. I absolutely love going to a show and feeling the electricity. Using ICW as an example. I witnessed 1400 glaswegians burst into Madonna’s – Like a Prayer for Grado mid match. Instead of the usual claps to fire him up out of a rest hold, we got 1400 man karaoke. IT WAS NUTS.


Then take into account how every enzuigiri, strike, oklahoma slam, powerbomb and lariat suddenly turn into “holy crap that should be 3” and I’m on edge of my seat 24/7. I may not be good for cheering but I’m a hell of a chanter.


Relevant video to show how nuts ICW atmospheres are:



So when it comes to live attendance. I get swept up in the drama. After all there’s one word that describes what wrestlers do best.




On the mic or in the ring, it’s all down to showmanship and athleticism. That’s how you get over. You have to be a showman, and you have to bring that passion every second you have eyes on you. If you slip once, or the crowd don’t buy your gimmick – you’re done. Might as well throw in the towel.


That’s why I’m one of those guys who howls when Wolfgang comes out. That’s why I’m one of the guys who loves Sumerian Death Squad despite never hearing them speak once, their gimmick is just THAT believable.


(I also don’t like Andy Wild for some reason. His entrance seemed heelish to me even when face so I treat him like one…)


That’s what wrestling is to me. It’s an escape from the shitty moments in life, it’s the greatest stage of them all – EVERY show. Not just Mania or BFG. When there’s two guys giving it 110% I forget myself, get engrossed and freak out.


That’s why I don’t buy into Cena – his 5 moves of doom make me think he’s not trying his best to put on a show.


That’s why when HHH and Bryan went out at Mania I rated it match of the night and marked out the whole match.


That’s why when I see Kid Fite and Paul London doing craziness like changing their whole match because the crowd were chanting “teabag him” I laugh my ass off and chant along with them. They look like they want nothing else than to entertain and I believe that’s what they want from the bottom of my heart.


When guys like Sabu and Jester literally take turns stabbing each other in a main event… Well I don’t cheer, that was really uncomfortable even for an ICW event. But I marvel at the spectacle anyways.


What brought me back to wrestling was watching CM Punk hold a (Smackdown?) crowd in his hand and pull their strings like puppets. This was during his Straight Edge Society Days and it was magnificent. He was arrogant,mocking,creepy – but he had that right dash of threatening mixed in.


Now I see a lot of people in WWE who make me wonder if they have the passion. Some of my favourites are making me ask this question of them right now also. It’s why I can get behind guys like Henry and Big E. who look like they wouldn’t leave except in a bodybag.

That’s the showmanship and level of passion that gets me Hype.

So who’s next, I’m calling out all the other writers and Hooligans to share what gets them hype in wrestling – I personally want Nick to tell us what gets him Hype in wrestling.