TNA’s Upcoming Road Schedule: Do You Approve Of This Trade?

Lately there have been a bunch of revelations in regards to what the 2014 One Night Only Pay-Per-Views will look like. New locations for these PPV’s are being named at a steady rate as none of them so far have been announced to be held in the new IMPACT ZONE at Universal Studios-Orlando. Conversely, the IMPACT Wrestling TV tapings will all hail from the new IZ for the foreseeable future (besides the UK Tour shows). However, if you took the temperature of the IWC lately you would think that “the sky was falling” for TNA. They are “doomed to fail”, or “the company is going out of business”, yada, yada, yada.

Well after regrouping and re-strategizing, it looks like TNA will be doing just fine. Essentially what we have now seen play out for us is a trade. People were very turned off by a majority of the ONO Tapings, with one of the biggest deterrents being the depleted IZ crowds and complete lack of energy from the fans there. Some of the shows were well done, but some have been very blase. The crowds dwindled to the point where, for some of the shows, only a few hundred die-hards remained. Two 3 hour tapings per day for 3 consecutive days in the same location (including some Explosion matches)? That was the best example of TNA being painted into a corner that I have seen……maybe ever……but it happened last March. Now Lowell, MA & Poughkeepsie, NY & Manchester, England & Birmingham, England have all been named as new ONO locations. Those 4 tapings satisfy half of the required 2014 ONO PPV obligations. So this leaves some flexibility to tape 4 more sometime later in the year, avoiding out-dated storylines and featuring wrestlers who are not contracted to TNA. House shows were easily changed into these PPV tapings, so with even more time to plan and promote them later this year, there is some real potential for success here.

So the question is: Do You Approve of This Trade? We all understand that doing shows in the new IZ is part of TNA surviving and being fiscally smart. We did not know until recently that most (if not all) of the One Night Only’s would get filmed on the road. Would you have rather seen IMPACT stay on the road and the ONO’s taped at Universal again or what we are getting now (which is the vice versa of that)? Initially I was upset at IMPACT coming off the road but this is a good trade-off and compensation to me. The ONO’s will have so much more vigor and crowd participation now. There are different promotions involved, some international locations, and other unique factors that are coming into play now that make this a win-win scenario. There are pros and cons involved with most things but what would you prefer out of these 2 options?

Trade or no trade?

This post was written by’s Big Dawg.