TNA, I Got Your Back

If you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll know I’ve got a lot of problems with TNA.  However, I’ve also said that I’m pulling for TNA, and I refuse to give up on them.  Furthermore, I believe you shouldn’t, either.  Here are three BEST reasons:

1. TNA has a great roster.  Even though I CANNOT STAND the fact that 2/3 of their championships are held by WWE Zombies, I am amazed by the amount of talent and charisma on the roster.  I see lots of depth, lots of diversity, and lots of potential.  In the TNA roster, I find something I can’t find in the WWE: good booking of TNA’s roster can really lead to a card of top-quality matches from top to bottom, night-in and night-out.  You’ve got dynamic in-ring storytellers like Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Austin Aires, and Jeff Hardy.  You’ve got solid performers who will put together excellent match after excellent match like AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, and James Storm.  You’ll find high-flyers who will put out killer spot-fests like Kazarian, Zema Ion, Kenny King, and Chris Sabin (when he’s healthy).  What about the underrated/underused talent like Eric Young, Doug Williams, Magnus, and Robbie E?  Finally, check out the promising young talent like Gunner, Christian York, Crimson (where are you?), Jessie Godderz, and several of the Gut Check guys.  It’s a quality group of guys that has massive upside to crank out great product.

2. TNA has shown signs of vision. I’ve really trashed TNA for some bad booking, and I’ve taken them to task for transforming the X-Division into the EX-Division, but to their credit, TNA brass has come up with some great concepts over the years.  Of course, they’ve got their great gimmick matches, like Ultimate X, Monster’s Ball, and Steel Asylum.  Then there’s the Bound for Glory Series…possibly the best wrestling-related annual storyline in the history of the industry.  Remember “Wrestling Matters”?  I don’t know why they abandoned that imaging campaign, but it was a great idea, and a great way to effectively program and promote against WWE’s “sports entertainment”.  Same goes for the ranking system they introduced, and regrettably abandoned before allowing it to develop.  On a brighter note, Gut Check and Open Fight Night are both really solid concepts, and as they allow each to evolve and mature, they become great mechanisms to introduce new stars, showcase established talent in fresh pairings, and move storylines forward.  Finally, enough cannot be said about TNA’s decisions to pull back the number of PPVs they do and take Impact on the road; it’s their best move in years…allowing for bigger builds to payoff matches, all the while exposing the product to more and more people every week live – where TNA can really shine.

3. TNA has Dixie Carter.  I saved this reason for last, because I’ve got a deep respect for Dixie, and there’s something about her choices as a business owner that I really appreciate.  A recent example: on Valentine’s Day, Dixie sent out a tweet asking, “Which member of the TNA roster would you like to be your valentine?”  I replied that, although I love the entire TNA roster, my wife will always be my valentine (I’m a sentimental guy, I know…).  Dixie could have ignored it, could have favorited it, or could have replied.  Any of those I would have understood/expected.  However, she responded to my reply via DIRECT MESSAGE.  She simply said, “Good answer”; she didn’t ask if we could be buddies, and she didn’t drop a hint that she was interested in hiring me to the TNA creative team (PLEASE CONSIDER HIRING ME TO THE CREATIVE TEAM, DIXIE!!).  However, she cared enough about me, an ordinary TNA fan, to take a moment to respond directly.  That’s something Vince would never do, and it’s something that makes me want to see Dixie succeed.  It makes me want to see TNA succeed.

For all of it’s shortcomings, TNA has some great things going for it.  If you’re not convinced about their current product, I urge you to stick it out and support them in any way you can – watch the product, buy a ticket, engage them on social media, etc.  We’re the only ones who can make sure Total Nonstop Action doesn’t stop anytime soon.