TNA: Bound For New Beginnings

Bound For Glory has come and gone, TNA’s biggest event of the year was met with many mixed reviews but this year’s event was different to past BFG’s, this was not a culmination of a year of TNA storylines, this was a turning point, a fresh start for TNA creatively, and it was obvious throughout the night.

The show kicked off with Ultimate X. It was good, but it didn’t meet the expectations many had after seeing its all-star line-up. Chris Sabin was the surprise winner after Velvet Sky unintentionally distracted Jeff Hardy. Going into this I thought the developing story between Sabin & Sky would be the reason why Sabin would not be victorious, and this story would branch off from the X Division, but it looks like its going to be the focus. I’m interested in seeing where the story and Sabin as X Division Champion will go. We all assumed Velvet would turn heel along with Sabin, but TNA are getting a story out of this and giving us reason to care about the Sabin/Sky relationship. It’s also going to be interesting to see what Aries, Hardy and Joe will do now, they have to be pissed after Ultimate X but that doesn’t confirm whether they will stay in the division.

I’m glad we got some Bad Influence on BFG. I was surprised when they lost on the pre-show, but the post match attack on EY & Park gave me some hope it wouldn’t be the last time we would see them on Sunday. The Abyss return was pretty cool. Eric Young came out and said because of their attack earlier in the night that Kazarian & Daniels had “created a monster”, which then brought out Abyss. I’m guessing that EY has cracked the Joseph Park case. It’s going to be interesting to see if EY lifts the lid on his “scientific findings” and that Joseph & Abyss are one in the same. The story has gone on for almost two years, and its time we get a new twist. If they go down a road where Young helps Abyss channel his personalities, we may get an partnership between the two. EY & Park are a good comedy tag team, but EY & Abyss could be a legit tag team that could add to the tag division and challenge for the titles.

I was stunned when the Bro-Mans won the Tag Titles. I thought there was a lot of potential in Gunner & Storm, but its hard to deny that after being off TV for months, there was no real interest in the division. I’m willing to see how Bro-Mans do as Tag Champions, and I hope TNA invest some time in Gunner & Storm, whether it be still as a Tag Team or a split/feud angle. Bottom line, Sunday was a new start for the tag division, and hopefully this includes some new teams and actual focus.

Kurt Angle turning down the Hall Of Fame came out of nowhere. I was legitimately shocked when I saw it. The story behind it makes sense, Kurt is known for setting himself high standards, and this new direction with Angle trying to out-do his past accomplishments should be good to watch. The Carter motto made me laugh my ass off “The world needs us, we’re the Carters” whoever came up with that deserves a raise.

The Knockouts match was better than I thought. I’m surprised they paired up Tapa with Gail Kim, and that Kim is the new Knockouts Champion. I think this is a better direction to go in than putting Tapa in a title feud with ODB, she’s still pretty green and it would of been a let-down to see such an intimidating woman show her inexperience in the ring. I hope they use Tapa as Kim’s muscle, keep her out of the ring and use her to help Kim by hitting her signature moves. Hopefully while this happens on-screen behind the scenes Kim works with her to improve her skills and get her ready to compete in the division, similar to the pairing of Tara & Tessmacher back in 2011/12.

I enjoyed Angle vs Roode. Angle losing added another layer to his new direction, and him refusing medical attention after knocking himself out after the second rope Angle Slam emphasised the pride Kurt takes in being the very best. Poetic justice that Roode avenged his lose to Angle from two years ago, I doubt this feud continues, and I’m very interested to see what both men, especially Angle, move onto.

Ethan Carter III officially debuts. Some hated it was in a squash match with “Norv Fernum”, but I’m glad it did. This way, all the focus was on EC3, it kicked off what should be a great nepotism angle with Dixie choosing a local jobber as Ethan’s opponent, and it gave Carter the chance to impress with a fairly easy debut victory. Carter had a presence, it felt like you was watching the birth of a future star, he looks in great physical shape, and TNA may have something special in EC3.

Not surprisingly Magnus defeats Sting, what was surprising is that we didn’t get that passing of the torch moment post match, but instead Magnus celebrating, blanking Sting, then giving him a “ow yeah thanks” low 5 before leaving. I’m interested to see where this goes, maybe it was the beginning of Magnus forming an ego now he “became a star” after the win.

According to Bully Ray, the Aces & 8’s will be “re-born”. We had a backstage segment where Bully spoke with at least 3 members of the group, seemingly DOC, Devon & Anderson, but other than Knux & Bischoff, nobody appeared during the match. Bully called for men but nobody came. It leaves the question of what happened to the guys Bully was talking too?, was he even talking to anyone and playing mind games? Maybe we get more answers on Thursday concerning the future of the Aces & 8’s.

AJ Styles is the new World Champion, and Dixie is pissed. Great match between Styles & Bully, the highlight was the 450 miss through the table, which was insane. The question is now where does AJ go from here, yes he’s the World Champion, but he isn’t under contract. We found out yesterday that Dixie has made the re-match between Styles vs Bully for this Thursday’s Impact. It’s going to be one to tune in for, with the supposed re-birth of the Aces & 8’s, and the wrath of Dixie after AJ had his triumphant moment at BFG, the odds are stacked against Styles.

I have a feeling Impact this Thursday will be big, Bound For Glory was the start of TNA’s new beginning’s, but Thursday’s Impact will make clear where the company is heading. Every title defended on the show changed hands, signifying a new start for those four divisions, several characters direction’s took a new turn, and the overall direction of the company seems to have shifted down a new path. Bound For Glory wasn’t the typical and of storyline year event, but it was the building block to TNA’s new year, and their new beginning. You may have different views on Bound For Glory, but from what I saw, everyone should definitely watch this Thursday’s Impact, as it may be the dawning of a new era, and it could be a great era indeed.

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