The Wrestling Sidebar: Weekend Edition for November 20th, 2013

Going to change things up for the weekend and just ask one question. One question that I think we can get a lot of good answers from.

This weekend’s question is:

Why Aren’t There Any Dominant Heels in the WWE?

This was a question posted by¬†coyotestark0015 on Reddit. Here’s the full question:

Why don’t they have more heels like the Shield? People you don’t like who are still good wrestlers. There are plenty of people, IRL, that I don’t like who are more talented than I am, that just makes me hate them more. Wouldn’t it be better for storytelling purposes if the bad guys can win clean? You could have lengthy heel reigns without constant shenanigans. If Orton beat Big Show clean last night it would add a significant amount of intrigue to the main event of TLC. Kayfabe-wise, how is John Cena going to lose to Randy Orton? Since his return Cena’s been even more unstoppable and Ortons been losing (in terms of skill) pretty much every main event. He doesn’t even cheat to help himself, other people are bailing him out. This makes him look so weak.

So, have it. What does WWE need to do to build a quality heel right now? And, can anyone on the current roster fit that bill?