The TNA Title Picture OR You Must Be This Old to Ride

We all saw it: Matt Morgan not only lost to Sting, but Sting made him – a seven-foot giant – pass out to a move that wasn’t even fully locked in. The week before that, Hogan responded to the best promo Morgan’s ever done by calling him a bitch; bear in mind, at this point, Hogan had no one left that the Aces and Eights hadn’t already destroyed. In two weeks, Hogan and Sting have cut the legs out from under possibly the most potent weapon in their arsenal against the Aces and Eights.

This isn’t the only time this sort of thing has happened in the last month or so, either. Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young have all stepped up to fight the club, and they’ve all been sidelined due to injuries. Kurt Angle, on the other hand, has been beaten down more times than all three of them combined, yet he comes back every week with nary a scratch. Yeah, yeah, Cyborg, blah, blah, Olympic gold medalist, yadda, yadda. The man is in his mid-forties and has had major reconstructive surgery in his neck; are we to actually assume that he’s actually not more susceptible to injury than men almost half his age in some cases? Are we seriously supposed to believe that there are no stars in the locker room that can do the job that Angle is doing at least as well, if not better? The way things have been going, I’m surprised Morgan was even allowed to enter the title picture for that brief glorious instance and not simply shoved aside so we could see Angle and Sting fight for the right to face Bully Ray (another one on the wrong side of forty, BTW).

November of 2011 marked a major turn for TNA – the beginning of Bobby Roode’s first World Heavyweight Title reign, the longest in company history. It was the end of an era, that of the WWE retirement home, and the start of a new one, a TNA ruled by the men that built the company and carried it on their backs. That era is in jeopardy now, with the title picture once again being dominated by men that should be stepping aside in favor of younger talent. TNA should not be giving Sting more shots at the title, they should be giving those shots to Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Matt Morgan, James Storm, and Chris Sabin. Waive the BFG restriction on AJ Styles and let him take the title back. Pull Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, or Christopher Daniels out of the tag division and let them try to out-heel Bully Ray. Hell, bring back Abyss and let him renew his feud with Bully for a while. There are so many other options for TNA to choose than to go back to the old WCW well.

Sting is in the Hall of Fame now. Retire him from the ring. It is well past time for TNA to shake off the shadow of the past and step into the future.