The Noble Piledriver: Does It Have A Place In Wrestling Anymore?

The Piledriver. The old school wrestling move that combines simplicity and elegance, after all doesn’t everyone want to drop someone on their head?

After a chat with a couple of the hooligans, I’ve been wondering whether it has a place in modern wrestling.

2013 was effectively the year of injuries, with wrestlers dropping like flies do we really want a dangerous move to be used regularly?  Even now a piledriver variant (Styles Clash) injured  both Roderick Storm and Lionheart on the independent scene.

Let’s consider for a second. In the past year we have had a large injury list in WWE alone (the so called ‘safest’ company) no chair shots to the head, no piledrivers and still we have people getting concussions left and right. Fans of old school wrestling will point to wrestlers like Brett Hart and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler using piledrivers to perfection.


The old school wrestlers had piledrivers to fall back on as a high impact move, giving them some space to get their breath in long matches without resorting to rest holds, nowadays the closest thing wrestlers have is a superplex spot… and how often do we see those now?

TNA and the indies still make use of piledrivers – with Bully Ray using it a finish. Here we have the other end of the coin; seeing piledrivers nearly every match lessens their impact to about a closethline or a dropkick which is an absolute tragedy.

If I were Vincent Kennedy McMahon I would do three things:

  1. I’d stop funding Linda’s campaign.
  2. I’d buy Ohio.
  3. I’d make it so that piledrivers were banned, except for at the big four PPVs.

Why would I take that risk? Because of a little match like this:


The problems with piledrivers are twofold: risky as hell, I mean if a piledriver is botched you aren’t getting a little injury, it’s probably going to be a broken neck. The other problem is that when they are allowed, they become overused to the point of losing their effectiveness. But that Punk vs Cena match showed that seeing a piledriver once every few months is a mark out moment and can elevate a match tremendously.

Imagine if at Wrestlemania HHH or Daniel Bryan pull out a piledriver? How much would you mark out for that? Then again if HHH ended D-Bry’s career with a botched piledriver; I think I’d be pretty crushed.

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