Shelbin’s POV: The Return of Pacman Jones

This week, I’d like to focus on the news that Pacman Jones will be returning to TNA simply because I feel the reaction by some has been unnecessarily over the top.

Let me put it in perspective for you.  This is simply a ploy to try to sell more tickets in Cincinnati, where Pacman makes his home during the NFL season as a cornerback for the Bengals.  It will be a one-time appearance, perhaps two if he appears on the second half of the tapings.  Furthermore, whether you liked him or not, Pacman Jones represents a time when TNA was exciting for so many fans.  And his return, I believe, is a nod to that time.  It’s a subtle reminder that slowly but steadily, TNA is going old school, at least creatively.  And I couldn’t be happier.

Some might think I’m out of my mind.  Maybe I am.  Maybe I’m clamoring for the days when TNA was a weekly adrenaline rush that drew you in and slapped you around for two hours.  And you couldn’t wait for next Thursday to come so you could experience it all over again.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the current product but when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived in early 2010, I couldn’t help but feel that the company lost its identity and more importantly, its soul.  Many of you aren’t aware of this but I’ve been a fan of TNA for a long time and it was in late 2010/early 2011 when I, for the first time, began to feel indifference towards the product.  Something in me died after seeing the company that I loved turn into Hulk Hogan’s pet project.  I saw the Nasty Boys hyperventilate through a three-minute match.  I saw Sean Morley defeat Christopher Daniels clean, leading to the latter’s eventual departure from TNA.  I saw Orlando Jordan defeat Samoa Joe clean.  I saw Desmond Wolfe, who had been in one of the best feuds I’ve ever seen with Kurt Angle, be reduced to a jobber for Hogan’s cronies.  And I saw Abyssamania.  By the time Immortal had revealed themselves at Bound for Glory that October, I felt like I was losing the TNA I knew and loved.  This is the reason why any sign, however subtle it may be, of the old TNA coming back gives me goosebumps.  Whether it’d be the return of Jeff Jarrett in a backstage role, a company physician wearing a shirt with the TNA logo during Impact, or the brief return of Pacman Jones, it all gives me hope.

I hope I’m not out of my mind.  I’m typically very perceptive and I don’t think it’s merely a coincidence that we’re seeing glimpses of the old TNA as rumors of Jeff Jarrett’s power within in the company growing are circulating.  The Founder of TNA is back, folks.  And if there’s someone whom I feel can give us back the old TNA and do it right, it’s Jeff Jarrett.  I hope I’m right.  But even if I’m a bit off, one thing is certain…the era of Hulk Hogan’s “art of wrestling” is over.

This post was written by TNAMecca’s Shelbin.