Is PG is the Real Kryptonite for WWE?

This not the first time this PG topic has been brought up, we’ve been talking about this ever since PG era started. It been brought up in IWC websites, comments, and even our own FTW Podcast. Until I read the article from Bleacher report called “WWE: Reasons TV-PG Is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon” they hit all the point bringing up celebrities, audience, image for the company , and knowing TV-PG is not going anywhere. However it’s deeper than that and they are missing key point. The bigger question is WWE become weaken by PG kryptonite or WWE is weakening by something else.

PG started to transition shockingly in July 2008, when I say shockingly because I didn’t know they went to PG because WWE was so damn great with the matches and promos at that time. They were so damn good I couldn’t even tell they went to PG, because there were no sign or even a slight of change at that time. Until we begin to notice there no chair shot to the head, promos begin to changes slowly, no more bloodshed, and they are headed toward to family-friendly product. I remember when Rey Mysterio and CM Punk fought each at Over The Limit 2010PPV, when Rey was busted open; it wasn’t too serious, just a little cut. When the referee had to stop the match just to clean Rey cut, then I realize WWE had changed. Over the past five years since PG era had started, there be some debate between two different fans, one side that’s grew up through 80s/90s era of WWE and other who’s in-out of WWE. As myself I’m a New Generation/Attitude era baby who grew up on Ruthless Aggression but live in PG world.

The segment back in the day was on point and something that we will remember forever. When Eddie Guerrero spray Big Show with septic truck on Smack down, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson fought at Torrie Wilson father funeral, or when Edge slap John Cena dad in his own house. Those was a good days, but now we come to Great Khali being an undercover for a secret admire and Antonio Cesaro yodeling. Today segment is a hit and miss with a certain storyline with a right WWE stars to pull it off. Having PG family environment hovering over WWE, there’s little room for creative writer to pull off amazing story. Unless you’re CM Punk who knows how to get around the PG situation and still make it interesting just enough for WWE fans to enjoy. Not only segment had change but the characters attitude as well, back in the days there were only three people who we cheer and boos: Face, Heel, and Tweener. It was easy for Stone Cold Steve Austin to give Chyna a Stone Cold Stunner or Kane shock Shane McMahon balls with battery charger, because they play their part and make fans to cheer or boos just by the character actions. Nowadays, the fans will cheer for the heel more than the certain face, when Dolph Ziggler comes out the fans will cheer , Zack Ryder comes out they will root for him , but when John Cena comes out half will cheer and other boo.
Some certain matches had to be tone because of two reasons, because of safety for the stars and they want to please a certain crowd. This is where it’s getting interesting, WWE is trying to please the crowd and thinking it’s good for the fans sake. In which they are killing themselves by doing it that, they don’t know the audience want. Back in the day, when someone mentions hell in a cell their eyes being glitter with joy. Because they know it’s going to be an epic match, it doesn’t matter who’s in the match. They can have Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes for the World Heavyweight championship title; already know they’re going to tear the house down. Try to say the same thing to a today fan right now, they won’t have the same response, their response would be “oh ok, that’s sound interesting.”

The matches had to be tone down so the parents will have a good time with their kids without witness bloodshed, but meanwhile at TNA they have a bloody street fight and the crowd loves it includes young kids as well.


Back to the question is WWE become weaken by PG kryptonite or WWE is weakening by something else? The answer to the question is….all of the above. Of course PG is affecting WWE, but remembers when Attitude Era transition to Ruthless Aggression era, it wasn’t water down, and it was just slowed down. Because they were competing with other company (WCW) and once the war was over, WWE didn’t have to work extra hard however they didn’t lose their momentum they have best matches, best promo, and seeing their career grows from a rookie into main event. Also they have lots of freedom to be creative at that time. When we look at today product, they are working what they got, having a hit and miss moment, The Shield that’s was a hit moment, PrimeTime Players was a miss moment, last year Hell In a Cell match between CM Punk vs. Ryback was a miss moment, this year WrestleMania one hell of a miss moment, and Dolph Ziggler cashing in the case was a one big hit moment. The current storyline is a blur and writers or official are being lazy with WWE rosters.

I know PG era won’t end but it can be fixed with better storyline and make the WWE current rosters more important but not just focus on CM Punk , John Cena ,or part-time stars like Brock Lesnar and The Rock. Maybe they should fix the problem in WWE and make it better.