Is Dolph Ziggler Being Punished?

Seems like everywhere you go on the internet, most people keep repeating the same thing: Ziggler isn’t being pushed because he’s been punished. Is it true?

Short answer: no. Here’s what Jim Ross had to say in his latest blog post:

Is WWE “punishing” Dolph Ziggler? No. If WWE wanted to “punish” Ziggler they would simply not use him on TV and allow him to fade into obscurity. More fans should use their common sense on this one. Dolph is hugely talented and, generally, athletes who are on Ziggler’s level overcome any perceived obstacles. The key is to not check out and to keep turning heads. – JR

Obviously. Why WOULD Ziggler be on TV if WWE had an issue with him? I’ve always felt the same way. Same things go with our understanding of what a “burial” is. If they’re getting TV time, they’re doing better than most.

Take it for what you will.

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