Is AJ Bound for Glory?

I guess you could call this the ‘sequel’ to the article I did last week about TNA’s recent troubles. Last week, I talked a lot about the scene backstage in TNA. Well, this week I’m going to talk about TNA’s in-ring product as far as who should win the BFG Series and become world champion going forward. That person would have to be AJ Styles and his evil ways.

Everyone knows that AJ Styles is an amazing wrestler who has worked with TNA since their very first show. Styles has been the face of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling since the company started back in 2002. He is a multiple time X-Division and World Heavyweight Champion in TNA and their first Grand Slam Champion. No wonder his nickname is ‘The Phenomenal One’ eh?

Despite AJ being with TNA for eleven years and counting, he has never really changed his wrestling style or character that much. The one exception was a period in late 2009 – early 2010 when he aligned himself with Ric Flair…….and we all know how that awful run turned out. Styles acted and wrestled like Flair during this time, as good as that sounds it didn’t fit him at all and turned bad very quickly.

Every wrestler has to evolve as a character. Otherwise, they risk getting stale to the fans and being left behind in the ‘never’. Despite AJ’s failed attempt to reinvigorate himself it didn’t turn him sour on the idea. After taking a hiatus earlier this year, a dark and rigid AJ Styles returned. He had changed everything about himself. AJ wrestles a very methodical style now. His motto seems to be “its all about the money and the World Heavyweight Championship means money”.

I think this is the best thing for AJ Styles at the moment. Let’s face it, as much as we love him, he doesn’t have much time left in wrestling. He is already thirty six years old so it makes sense he recreated himself recently. To be honest, I think AJ’s in-ring work is at it’s best. Despite his gimmick being “heelish” he’s not playing the cowardly heel, he has found his vicious streak. I’ve been waiting years for Styles to unleash his mean streak because it means he is no longer confined in the “flashy babyface” style of wrestling. He can do whatever he wants in terms of in-ring work, which means we will get better matches from him. It’s also why I think Styles is going to win the Bound for Glory Series.

Considering TNA’s recent financial problems I think it would be best to go back to the well and let AJ Styles win the Bound for Glory Series. Apart from the amazing X-Division, AJ Styles was the reason why people watched TNA on a weekly basis. I think it’s an absolute travesty that it’s been almost three years since AJ has held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I think having him win the world title would not only be interesting but give us some great matches as well. I have nothing against Chris Sabin, I just think he will be a transitional champion for Bully Ray. The idea of an AJ title run also gives another TNA superstar a fair chance at it, Bobby Roode. Judging on how bad Roode is doing in the BFG Series, they are gearing him up for a possible face turn. Roode could return as a babyface with that dying passion for the world title, something similar to the “Flare for the Gold” quest with Ric Flair more than thirty years ago. Roode versus Styles could have the potential to be one of the most memorial feuds in TNA while giving us phenomenal matches, (no pun intended) something TNA really needs right now.

Written by TWR Writer Jake Mullan. This story originally appeared on on July 29th, 2013. You can discuss this topic with the rest of the TWR listeners in the TWR Forums.