For Those Who Have Yet to Get Their Guts Checked…

Any fan of the indy scene will know that Gut Check has provided an outlet for TNA to pick up some top names in the business. In just the second installment of Gut Check, TNA showcased Joey Ryan, one of the biggest names that Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has ever produced, and just recently, we saw five-time NWA champion Adam Pearce fight for a contract. Of course, there are many other big names still out there, hungry for the shot of a lifetime, and if TNA is smart, they will move to give them that opportunity as well. Let’s take a look at a few of those names, shall we?

Johnny Gargano

At only 26 years of age, this guy has been all over the place in CHIKARA Pro, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, and most recently in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, some of the most prestigious indy promotions in the United States today, and has held championships in three out of four of those plus many more. It’s not hard to see why, considering Gargano’s diverse moveset, the skill with which he uses the weapons in his arsenal, and his undeniable passion in everything he does. Last year, he was even #59 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 list for singles wrestlers; that’s ALL the singles wrestlers, folks, from the teenage backyard daredevil that managed to hijack a local TV broadcast all the way up to the WWE. Having accomplished so much at a relatively young age, Gargano is easily one of the most eligible wrestlers on the indy circuit today for a Gut Check.

Adam Cole

Another young fella that’s making a big name for himself, he is currently the PWG World champion, and he’s been the TV champion in ROH. Cole can do it all, from hitting moves off the top rope to power moves like his wheelbarrow suplex (Coled Day in Hell), and his Panama Sunrise finisher (a flip piledriver from the top rope) is devastating as hell. Cole is a man that TNA can groom into a major player in the main event of a top-tier wrestling promotion, and he would be a huge asset in the X Division, as well.


This guy is the epitome of the X Division, hands down, and he’s young enough that, if he takes care of himself, he could become a permanent fixture in that division for years. In a time when TNA is restocking a bare cupboard, Ricochet has never had a better opportunity to throw his hat into the proverbial ring and blow our minds in a Gut Check match.

Colt Cabana

Known to some as Scotty Goldman from the WWE, Cabana bounced back from that less-than-successful venture and has become one of the most recognizable names on the indy scene today. Between his marketing skills, his magnetic personality, and a surprising range of wrestling skill that belies his carefree exterior, Colt Cabana would be a solid veteran presence on the TNA roster, and besides, he’s just so damn funny.

Eddie Edwards

Perhaps best known as one half of the American Wolves that took the indy tag team scene by storm from ’06-’08, “Diehard” Eddie Edwards is one of the most decorated figures in ROH today, holding the honor of being the company’s first ever Triple Crown champion. Honestly, there’s not an area in TNA where Edwards wouldn’t make his presence felt: he’s a tag team specialist, his moveset would fit perfectly in the X Division, and he can hold his own against any heavyweight in the business. If TNA ever got the chance, they would be out of their minds not to give this man a Gut Check contract.

Sami Callihan

The Callihan Death Machine is probably one of the most well-versed wrestlers in terms of styles in the business today. He can wrestle strong style, he can put on an incredibly technical match, he can be a high-flier, he can do a hardcore match, and he can just have fun with things – chances are good that you could see all of that in one sitting. Not only that, but Callihan has a dark, almost manic look and feel to him that TNA hasn’t had in one of its rings for quite some time. Put all of that together, and you have a nice neat little package for TNA to pick up from the last house on the left.

There’s just a small taste of the indy scene for you guys to imagine in a TNA ring. What do you think? Do you like what you see here? Is there another indy guy that you think is more deserving? Let us know in the comments below or on our FB group!