All TNA Needed Was a Little EGO

The August 8th edition of Impact saw both members of Bad Influence pitted against one another in a Bound for Glory Series match; however, Kazarian and Daniels stepped out of the ring and claimed 2 points each as the match ended in a double count-out. Following that, the self proclaimed “It Factor” Bobby Roode would appear with a steel chair in hand and enter the ring. Upon doing so, he grabbed a microphone and announced the formation of a new force, an Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organisation (EGO) intended to “own the landscape of the Bound for Glory Series”.


The mission statement of EGO is to work together to increase the chances of each individual member winning the Bound for Glory Series. As pointed out by Roode, the three members of EGO comprise 25% of the BFG series. In fact, since their formation, both Kazarian and Bobby Roode have picked up 40 points between them in Ladder and Table matches, respectively. The way that EGO has operated so far has been to interfere in no-DQ matches to secure victory for whichever member of the group was participating, and to great success; the only failure was on the most recent edition of Impact in which Joseph Park took the points in a street fight. Recently, they failed in their attempt to recruit Austin Aries to the ranks, but even without him they represent a force to be reckoned with; one that could etch an indelible print upon the landscape of the Bound For Glory Series and TNA as a whole.

So why is EGO so important to TNA right now? More than anything, it shows a desire by TNA to put attention on its original talent. TNA was doing arguably their greatest stuff when Bobby Roode had his mammoth reign as World Heavyweight Champion, and before then the Fortune faction was lighting the hearts of wrestling fans on fire the world over. It can only be a positive for TNA that they are thrusting Roode back into the spotlight. Furthermore, the antics of Daniels and Kazarian have been cited as amongst the most amusing in the wrestling world for several months, and combined with Bobby Roode they provide a much-needed distraction for the massively over-arching storyline of the Aces and Eights and the Main Event Mafia.

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that Bobby Roode is my favourite wrestler at the moment and he fits perfectly into the mould of faction leader and mouthpiece. He has come a long way from his Beer Money days and even further from his Team Canada days and has developed into a main event player. Above all else, though, EGO seems to have exactly the right mixture of comedy, wrestling ability, and serious mic work, something that is incredibly difficult to get right.

Although it is unlikely that EGO will stay together beyond Bound For Glory, the fact that TNA is putting such emphasis on their original talent is a perfect demonstration of the kind of ability that TNA has within its roster. As Bobby Roode said, “Take a good long look, because one of us will be your next World Heavyweight Champion…remember, it pays to be Roode.”