AJ Styles Is Your Wrestler of the Month – FTWWR

Ahoy, FTWites! Welcome to the Wrestler of the Week rankings. This week also marks the end of the first month of the rankings, so I’ll also be giving out awards based on the performance of each wrestler over the last month as well. Last week, AJ Styles became the first TNA wrestler to win the Wrestler of the Week rankings, and he carries on his success this week.


The Phenomenal (Number) One – AJ Styles – Another week passes, and AJ Styles still entertains. He finally seems to have hit his stride and found a character that works well for him. For successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship and sticking it to the boss (not in that way, come on we don’t need another Claire Lynch), he takes first place for the second week in a row.  (Last week – 1st)

Super-sized Superstar in Second – Big E Langston – He adjusted amazingly well when a last minute injury forced a change in opponents from Curtis Axel to Dean Ambrose. Despite some hella loud spot calling, he still performed to such an impressive standard that he cannot be overlooked. (Last week – 2nd)

All Rhodes Lead to Third Place – The Rhodes Dysnasty – For simply putting together the best tag team match of the year and taking the victory, thus defending their Tag Team Championships, the Rhodes’ boys are in third place this week. (Last week – Didn’t place)

An Asshole in Fourth – Mr Anderson – For returning and electrifying the audience and for being more interesting than he has been since his feud with Jeff Hardy and Matt Morgan almost 4 years ago. When he’s on form, he really hits it, and if this week’s Impact was anything to judge by, he is more on form than he has been in a long while. (Last week – Didn’t Place)

“What a way to return! Ten minutes into the show, and we already get an assault and an arrest, and then he prevents Bully from bringing the hammer into play against AJ. This feud with Bully is going to be amazing to watch” – Nick Alexander

A Rising Twin in Fifth –  Brie Bella – To stand out in the Divas division in WWE is not difficult at the moment, but Brie has been putting in some solid performances lately, and for that she rounds out this weeks top 5. (Last week – Didn’t Place)

The Best of the Rest

6th – Bray Wyatt (Last week – Didn’t Place)

7th – John Cena (Last week – Didn’t Place)

8th – Randy Orton (Last week – Didn’t Place)

9th – Natalya (Last week – Didn’t Place)

10th – CM Punk (Last week – Didn’t Place)

October FTW Wrestler Rankings Awards

Overall Points Leader – This one is so close, a single point separates four separate contenders:

AJ Styles, Big Show and Big E Langston are all tied for first on 37 points, honourable mention for the Rhodes Dynasty in second on 36.

The Great Khali award for fewest points – As you can imagine there are lots of people tied on 1 points here and most of them unfairly in my opinion but hey.

Dolph Ziggler, Knux, Seth Rollins, Tamina Snuka, Kane.

The Kurt Angle Award for most weeks in the top 5 – Because who says consistency better the man who’s never had a bad match in ever.

Big E Langston – He was in the top 5 for 3 out of 5 weeks in this month.

The Dolph Ziggler Award for most weeks in the top 10 without making it into the top 5 – Poor Dolph Ziggler; this award represents the wrestler who consistently performs, deserves more time than they get but can’t break into the top of the pack.

R Truth- in the bottom 5 for 3 weeks this month but didn’t make it into the top 5 once.

As we close the book on October 2013 in the wrestling world, how do your opinions match up with those of our illustrious writers? Was AJ Styles the best wrestler of the month? Leave us a comment and join the discussion!