Adam Rose Is Over, Should The Kill Switch Be Killed?, And WrestleMania Plans For Sheamus

Here’s a list of the top conversations happening right now in the WWE and TNA Fans Facebook Group.

Adam Rose Is Over


Lou caught up on NXT and said he was “sold on Adam Rose”. And, seemingly, we all seem to be agreeing with him.

Where Does Sheamus, Christian, ADR, and Ziggler Fit At WrestleMania?

“Does any one know what their plans are for Sheamus, ADR, Christian & Ziggler at WM? I really hope that they are using them as a building block for a MITB match, they could easily throw in 4 more people in the mix. I’m not sure what else they could do with them.” – Jacob

Who Has The Worst Finisher in WWE and TNA?

Garvin asked the question. 50+ responses so far. Who’s finisher do you dislike the most?

Buff Bagwell Is The Stuff

Yep. Buff Bagwell is now a “working man” for the ladies. Chris Clayton felt the need to post the story and we discussed it. In length. *wink wink, nudge nudge*