2014 Will Be The Year of Magnus

Of all the talent on the Impact Wrestling roster arguably no-one has improved their all round game faster than the former British Invasion member Magnus. As a fellow Brit Magnus has always taken my eye since debuting in TNA in 2009 but ever since joining forces with Samoa Joe he has enjoyed a meteoric rise to earn a spot in the hearts of many wrestling fans.

At 26 Magnus is at his athletic peak and is starting to put his 8 years of pro wrestling experience to good use inside the squared circle. But Magnus has not been without success in his 4 year tenure at TNA, he has twice held the World Tag Team Championships once with his British Invasion partner Doug Williams and had an additional Tag Team title reign with the ‘Samoan Submission Machine’. He also has more accomplishments in Ring Ka King and Pro Wrestling Noah winning the Tag Team Titles in PWN and the World Heavyweight Championship in Ring Ka King (From Impact Wrestling’s own ‘Blueprint’ Matt Morgan) in a great contest:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLsMJFQOiIA]

It is astonishing to see how far Magnus has come since his days in the British Invasion with Doug Williams and Rob Terry. I have been particularly impressed by the immense improvement in his mic work, he is now putting together eloquent, passionate and believable promos. He has always had a great look but he has also made vast in ring improvements, his top rope elbow is a thing of beauty and he can work comfortably as either a heel or a face.

Currently Magnus is bitterly embroiled in a vicious war with what some may call the Aces ‘N Eights reserve squad of Mr Anderson, Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff and DOC gaining a victory over them in a decent match at Lockdown 2013 and again in a fairly excitable match at Slammiversary XI. Having been taken out several times by the Aces ‘N Eights with that infamous ball peen hammer Magnus has more than enough motivation to keep that feud going at least until Bound For Glory.

Many have called for Magnus to reform his successful Tag Team with Samoa Joe but with an already over-saturated Tag Team division this makes little sense to me. From a fantasy booking standpoint it would of course be awesome to reform ‘SaMagnus’ but the end product would be unclear. Would they go for the tag titles thus ignoring their on-going feud with the Aces ‘N Eights? Right now I see Magnus and Samoa teaming unofficially and holding a Team Hell No kind of role, i.e. Joe and Magnus + one partner take on a three man Aces ‘N Eights team each week.

But why is 2014 the year of Magnus? Because I believe that 2014 will be the year that Magnus finally captures the big one, the World Heavyweight Championship. Were Magnus to win the title in Wembley during the Maximum Impact Tour in the UK next year that could get as big a pop as the British Bulldog did at SummerSlam ’92 when capturing the Intercontinental Championship from Bret Hart. Although the chances of TNA letting their most important title switch hands on free TV are fairly slim. Another option for Magnus in 2014 is for him to win that year’s Bound For Glory series and emerge with the World Title in the main event of arguably one of TNAs biggest Pay Per Views. It is fairly evident that he will not win this year’s competition however a strong showing this year would do him a great deal of good and also be a good chance to showcase Magnus as the quality wrestler he is. Magnus has a proven track record as a competitor at main event level. He was involved in a four way match for the No. 1 contendership on the March 21st Impact against Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle (A measure of how well TNA regards the Kings Lynn native) and did not look out of place.

Although he has yet to main event at Pay Per View level I believe that by 2014 he will be ready to do so and as long as he stays under the wings of Samoa Joe he will be even more prepared to take on the World Heavyweight Title scene.