Impact Wrestling Preview and Open Discussion for 10/03/2013

Here’s a full preview for tonight’s (October 3rd, 2013) edition of TNA Impact Wrestling. Join all of us in the Open Discussion as we watch Impact Live together tonight.

Looking for results? Nick Alexander will be writing the live Impact results and reactions blog tonight starting at 9pm ET.

Official Impact Wrestling Preview


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TNA President Dixie Carter wants to know who is on #TEAMDIXIE and IMPACT General Manager Hulk Hogan has a major decision to make! This past week Hulk offered AJ Styles a new contract – but Carter shocked everyone and tore it up! Carter then verbally shredded Hogan, telling him he’s either on board with #TEAMDIXIE or ELSE! Carter wants an answer from Hogan this Thursday night – and if she doesn’t like what she hears, will it be the end of Hulkamania in TNA? How will Hulk Hogan react to the ultimatum? Don’t miss this huge face to face between the TNA President and the IMPACT General Manager on Thursday on SpikeTV!

Speaking of “The Phenomenal One”, we’ll hear from AJ Styles on Thursday’s broadcast! How will he react to what Carter did? How will it effect his shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at “Bound For Glory” against Bully Ray? Both champion and challenger will be on Thursday’s broadcast as the countdown continues to “Bound For Glory”.


In tag team action on Thursday night, it will be “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy teaming with X Division Champion Manik to battle Chris Sabin and Kenny King!

Thursday’s IMPACT will also feature a Gauntlet Match as Magnus has challenged all three members of E.G.O. (Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian). Magnus is determined to step up and prove himself against the faction, but can he defeat all three in one night?

– Plus, more matches for “Bound For Glory” will be announced on Thursday night! Don’t miss IMPACT at 9/8c on SpikeTV!

TL;DR Preview

This is the first Impact in a while that I’ve really been looking forward to all week. It’s also non-themed, which is a good sign that TNA is doing some good things. However, quite a few questions need to be answered.

  1. Okay, we know Hogan’s contract ran out on October 1st. So, how will he be written off (either temporarily or permanently)?
  2. We want to see more Austin Aries vs. Kenny King, but instead, TNA books Kenny King in a tag match against Hardy and Manik. Not exactly sure how Hardy fits into that equation.
  3. Team EGO vs. MEM continues tonight as Magnus puts the weight of the group on his shoulders in a gauntlet match. Something tells me this will actually lead to Magnus being removed from MEM.
  4. How is there only 2 matches scheduled for Bound for Glory? Tonight, more will be booked. Hopefully, they are excellent.

Open Discussion

If you’re watching live, post your instant reactions, along with the rest of the Live Chat Hooligans in our Impact Open Discussion.