Hulk Hogan Still A Free Agent, AJ Lee and John Cena Back on the Road, Colt Cabana To Announce in NXT?

Here are your headlines from Tuesday, October 15th, 2013.

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Hulk Hogan Still A Free Agent

PWInsider updated the status of Hogan’s contract discussions with TNA: has confirmed with sources on both sides that no deal has been signed between TNA and Hulk Hogan. So, Hogan remains a free agent.

John Cena Back On The Road

John Cena is scheduled for all live events leading into Hell In A Cell, but only goes to TV afterward for the lead into Survivor Series. It seems that the WWE wants to get house show attendance back up and give Cena a more relaxed schedule in the interim, which is understandable.

Plans For AJ Lee, The Usos, Miz, CM Punk, and The Wyatt Family Moving Forward

PWInsider also talks about what the WWE is thinking when it comes to certain talents:

It looks like there may be an Uso heel turn and a title feud in our future as this video would suggest. I’m not sure if that’s the smartest idea right now; while I respect the maintenance of continuity, what does this mean for the Shield?

AJ Lee is not scheduled for an in-ring return until Hell In A Cell at the earliest.

The Miz versus Bray Wyatt was scheduled for Hell in a Cell, but due to the leader of the family getting injured, that could be pushed back until Survivor Series. Honestly, while I understand building Wyatt up by beating lower card faces, I don’t really see this setting the world on fire, so why not wait another month until Bray is 100%?

CM Punk versus Ryback was changed to include Paul Heyman in the Hell in the Cell match, due to Mr. McMahon wanting to make it “more of a spectacle”. That is definitely a spectacle, for sure, but how much longer can this go without burning out what has been a pretty solid feud thus far?

Big Show vs. HHH At WWE Survivor Series?

It looks like Triple H versus Big Show is being penciled in for Survivor Series. You have to wonder where this puts everyone else in the storylines going forward. One would imagine a traditional Survivor Series match would be called for, but we will have to wait and see.

When Will Things Degenerate and Breakdown Between Shawn and Hunter?

The WWE is deliberately keeping Shawn Michaels and HHH away from each other so that it’s a bigger moment when they come face-to-face. The COO and his former partner have great chemistry, and it should be interesting to see them play off of Hunter and his corporate makeover and talk about what is best for business. I imagine this will actually happen this coming Monday to really sell the pay-per-view.

Could Colt Cabana Finally Return To WWE?

Colt Cabana mentioned on Steve Austin’s podcast this week that he is getting another announcer tryout in NXT. This is not the first tryout he has had. The host of the Art of Wrestling podcast has been called back a few times for the job, but nothing has come of it. Colt impressed the WWE brass with his verbal skills on the CM Punk : Best in the World DVD, which opened the door to this opportunity. Cabana has some previous commentary experience as Scotty Goldman from his Florida Championship Wrestling days with Josh Matthews.

Jim Ross Meets With Shane McMahon

And speaking of commentators, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is currently in New York shopping around his one-man show for a 2014 run in the city. While there, he ran into a familiar face: Shane McMahon.

He also had poignant words about friendship in professional wrestling: