FTW Draft Week 4 Results

Sorry about these being a tad late but here we go again 4 weeks in. Next week is NXT Takeover, which will be counted as a PPV by popular demand. Without any further ado, here are the results.

19. Stephen Ajamie 14 Points

18. Ben Woodburn 18 Points

17. Scott Hamzeh 21 Points

T15. Markeith Jackson, Darren Carrigan 24.5 Points

14. Mike Hart 26.5 Points

T12. Nick Alexander, Kyle Christy 27.5 Points

T10. Renee, Outlaw Slate 30 Points

T8. Matthew Fluellen, Ben Meggenberg 33.5 Points

7. Cesar Adrian 35 Points

6. Tim Gorder 36 Points

5. Bryan Garvin 37 Points

4.Mick Dunn 39.5 Points

3. Kyle Petrano 44.5 Points

2. Adrian Masters 45 Points

and still in 1st place

1. Mark Ventrice 46 Points


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Playoff Projections

#1 Mark Ventrice vs. #8 Matthew Fluellen

#2 Adrian Masters vs. #7 Cesar Adrian

#3 Kyle Petrano vs. #6 Tim Gorder

#4 Mick Dunn vs. #5 Bryan Garvin

Seeding tiebreakers will be determined by the position of the people during previous weeks, i.e Matthew Fluellen was above Ben Meggenberg the last 3 weeks, so he would get the spot.