FTW Draft Week 3 Results

Another week down and more results for the Draft. This week there weren’t too many shake up’s in the order but some people have made switches in their lineup for their replacements for Daniel Bryan. 

And here is the order. Last week’s position in parentheses.

T18: Stephen Ajamie (18), Ben Woodburn (19) 14 Points

17: Scott Hamzeh (17) 16 Points

16: Darren Carrigan (16) 20.5 Points

15: Kyle Christy (15) 21.5 Points

T13: Markeith Jackson (11), Ben Meggenberg (14) 25.5 Points

T11: Mike Hart (10), Matthew Fluellen (12) 26.5 Points

T9: Renee (13), Outlaw Slate (8) 27 Points

8: Nick Alexander (5) 28.5 Points

7: Tim Gorder (6) 29 Points

T5. Cesar Adrian (9), Bryan Garvin (7) 30 Points

4: Mick Dunn (4) 32.5 Points

3: Kyle Petrano (3) 35.5 Points

2: Adrian Masters (2) 38 Points

And in first for the second week in a row…

1: Mark Ventrice (1) 42 Points

  • Nick Alexander

    I blame whoever it was that picked my team for this. He’s a real bastard.

  • ScottishWolf

    Solid 16th.

    When it comes to crunch time, my guys will shine.

  • Garvin from FTW

    I’m fine with where I am right now. I keep getting pressured by Mark to trade Daniel Bryan, but I’m fine holding off until we know what’s happening with the title and what Daniel Bryan’s timeframe will be. If he’s back in a month, then I can hang onto him.

  • ScottishWolf