The End of An Experiment

Hey, it’s Garvin from FTW. I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who supported our blogging experiment here at We crossed paths with a lot of great writers, content creators, and just generally nice people that helped us along the way.

Also thanks to Dave from who took the gamble that not many would as he actually worked with us. Not many other podcasters or bloggers are willing to work together for some reason. Or even talk with others in their niche for that matter. But, he was cool then and continues to be cool now. Definitely give their podcast a listen. Their live show is great.

In the future, will be merged back into the main site. It’s unclear if we’ll ever get back into the blogging game again. But, we’re definitely open to your suggestions.

If you’d like us to see that domain be used for something else, let us know.