Discussion of the Day: How Would You Handle the Menagerie?

On this week’s FTW Podcast, we made no secret of the fact that we weren’t terribly impressed with what the Menagerie has done thus far. Potential exists for them to turn things around, and we know that at least Knux and Rob Terry (masquerading as the Freak, of course) have something to bring to the table. However, unless something unexpected happens, things don’t look too promising for these carny folk.

There is one potential direction for this group to take if cues are taken from Twitter, where Crazy Steve and Robbie E had a war of words. Obviously, this is no solid indication of booking, but the groundwork is certainly being laid for a potential feud. What do you think of an angle between the Bro Mans and the Menagerie? Could that turn things around for this new faction? Do you think they’d better served doing something else, within or without the faction? It’s always been our motto that, if we don’t like something, we should offer constructive alternatives instead of simply complaining, so join the discussion, won’t you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and we may discuss them on the podcast!