FTW Draft: Season 5

FTW Draft is back and with Season 5 comes a whole new layout.

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How It Works

There will be 20 people involved in the Season 5. Those participants include members of FTW Podcast, contributors to FansTalkWrestling.com, and members of the FTW Community.

Each person must select a roster of 5. Those 5 must include at least 1 from WWE, 1 from NXT, and 1 from TNA. Each week, we’ll tally up results from every televised match on WWE Raw, WWE Main Event, WWE Superstars, TNA Impact, NXT, WWE Smackdown, TNA Xplosion and PPVs. tally up the results, and award points.

To start, you will select 5 wrestlers during the sign up phase. Individual wrestlers can be shared by more than one team. The only limitation is that you cannot have the exact same team as someone else. If that happens, we will notify you via email and give you an opportunity to re-draft. Along with your 5 wrestlers you also will pick 2 alternates in case of injury, walk out, or anything else that could happen. Alternates can be brought up only once, and wrestlers who were replaced are out for the rest of the season.

All teams will be fighting for a playoff spot. The top 8 teams will advance to the playoffs which start on July 14th . This will be a standard tournament bracket with 1 vs 8, 5 vs 4, 3 vs 6, and 2 vs 7 all playing. The winner will be officially crowned on Monday, August 4th, 2014.


Each individual wrestler will score points using the following structure:

  • +2 = Singles/Tag win via pin, submission or reaching the goal (escaping cage, grabbing briefcase, etc)
  • +1 = Win via DQ or Countout
  • 0 = Draw or No Contest
  • -1 = Loss via pin, submission or failure to reach goal
  • -2 = Loss via DQ or Countout

Bonus points will be awarded for the following situations:

  • +1 = Successfully Defend A Title
  • +2 = Win a Title
  • -2 = Lose a Title
  • +.5 = Defeat A Champion (Tag Matches, or Multi-person matches satisfy this however this isn’t added for title matches)
  • +.5 = Win A PPV Match

Every other week there will also be a bonus stipulation added such as “Double Diva Points” or “No Negatives for Losses.”

At the end of each week (Sunday), we’ll post a leaderboard update with the top 20 wrestlers based on these point values. And, we’ll also add up everyone’s team totals to rank each FTW Draft team.


FTW Draft: Sign ups will open Saturday, April 19th and will close when all 20 spots are full or Saturday, April 26th, whichever comes first. Sign ups are done on a first come first serve basis so make sure you have yours in asap. The first scoring show will be TNA Sacrifice on April 27th, 2014. The final scoring show will be Smackdown on August 1st.

We will see 2 TNA PPVs and 4 WWE PPVs:

  • WWE PPVs: Extreme Rules (5/4), Payback (6/1), Money In The Bank (6/29) and Battleground (7/20)
  • TNA PPVs: Sacrifice (4/27), Slammiversary (5/15)

Rosters and Rankings

[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1abNR1Rsk4jqEdm3tNTunAJknjkym1EHDiSMaQygChec/pubhtml?widget=true&headers=false” height=”700″ width=”100%” frameborder=”0″]